Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring (Views along the Annecy Watercourse, France)

Annecy is definitely one of the places I like to visit during Spring.DSCF1077

I like the Annecy lake in Spring with  placid waters and flowers or grass along the lake shore. However, the river course flowing from the lake with pastel color houses on the banks is my favorite.DSCF1072

The weather in Spring is a little bit cool, but crowds of people have come out enjoying the walk along the river banks; crossing the little bridges here and there.DSCF1074

Like other visitors, we walked along the river bank, intoxicated by what we saw.DSCF1073

Maybe there are no space for flowers along the river side walks – they are mainly planted in pots or planters.DSCF1065

The river just flowed along, passing weirs and water gates, and underneath bridges.DSCF1059

Colorful flowers in planters alongside the river bank or hang from houses were a common sight.

While the pastel color houses are themselves attractive, their reflection in water is just equally fascinating.

Walking up and down the river, I took this series of photos.DSCF1076

Maybe, the place would be more beautiful if they have not formulated the water course as a waterway.

But nevertheless, it still is stunningly beautiful.DSCF1080

It is a medieval town which I have no hesitation to visit again!


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring (Views along the Annecy Watercourse, France)

  1. I’m thrilled to see what Annecy looks like in spring, Michael ! We were there in the shoulder season, as we always were in Europe (only way we could afford to fly Business Class), so had no idea of this kind of beauty. Thank you very much !!

  2. The flowers are beautiful and certainly add to the pleasant atmosphere of this little town. I think I would like to visit this unusual looking place. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. Thanks Michael. I went to College in Lyon. Had several friends from Savoie, and Annecy. Spent a few week-ends there and then. From the look of your (great) pictures looks like it’s improved a lot! Beautiful place.
    Take care

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