Ju Ming’s Sculpture for Mother’s Day

Have I been insensitive to upload a photo about Marriage is like being inside a cage when today is Mothers’ Day (at least, in our part of the World)?

Ju Ming is great in portraying the human side in his carved wood sculptures.

This photo is for Mothers’ Day.DSCF0038

Ju Ming shows how much we have been cared for and how much we would like to cling to our mothers when we were children.

Happy Mothers’ Day 🙂

24 thoughts on “Ju Ming’s Sculpture for Mother’s Day

  1. Michael, I doubt VERY MUCH that any one of us would think of you as being insensitive ! How could someone who takes photos like yours be like that ?

  2. Marriage sculpture was fine. That is what art is about, and debate is healthy. The carved wood sculptures are very different, and very apt. Cheers 🙂

  3. As somebody who had the most uncaring of mothers I can somehow see the “cage” from both sides of the bars. Fantastic sculpture. Happy mothers day to all NICE mothers and thanks for this thoughtprovoking post.

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