Ju Ming’s Sculpture – Marriage

Just went to the local Art’s Museum to have a good look at Taiwanese Ju Ming’s sculptures.

This one is quite thought provoking – it shows a couple within a cage.DSCF0052

I suppose those outside the cage may like to be married and bounded by the cage.

Though at the same time, some people inside would like to get out of it.

In any case, it is up toΒ you to choose whether you want to be in the cage or not.

The door lock (not clearly shown in my picture) is inside the cage, so for those who want to go out, they can do so at their own discretion.

PS The figures are carved in foam.

41 thoughts on “Ju Ming’s Sculpture – Marriage

  1. I never would be inside the cage. What means to be inside the cage to the question (inside or outside the cage) do exists? I am not a simple mind. I am a full professor and physicist at the best university if Brazil; I like art and literature … I like other fields of knowledge. Howerver I can not capture the meaning of the desire of being inside a cage, even if you are with someone who you love (Husband and wife or something like that). What is the meaning: being inside the cage?

    • Hi Tania, the idea of marriage came from Michelle de Montaigne . Personally, I think the cage is the legal aspects. In Taiwan, where the sculptor is based, adultery is a crime. There are other legal aspects in marriage, say, how the estate is to be divided after one party dies.

    • Now I understand!! Thanks for the explanation! But now it is complicated: marriage … or not marriage…

  2. I’m interested that you find it inspirational – my immediate reaction to this image is very negative. Although having the lock on the inside does make a difference I suppose. But to me the implication is still that it’s not somewhere anyone would want to be.

  3. Love it! I recently left a 16 year relationship. It was a wonderful relationship but, unfortunately, didn’t last. I can totally relate to this sculpture. I wanted into defacto marriage so badly that I pushed my way into the cage. The cage of the relationship kept me safe and secure for years. Then, after a health scare, I saw that the cage as a restriction so I opened the door and stepped out.

    Thank you for sharing this sculpture and your interpretation. It resonates with me

  4. I thank you for posting this. I for one like to view other people’s art through my eyes and mind regardless of what the artist’s idea was. In this case I identified it with myself as I was within a marriage for a long long time and yes the lock was on the inside but until later in life I did not undo that lock. When I did it was out into freedom. This sculpture is excellent in depicting that type of story. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, think the cage represents the legal and behavioral restraint brought about by the marriage, otherwise it is silently explained. Regards, Michael

  5. This is very funny MIchael. Another title for the work could be “Resilience”?
    Be good
    PS. There could also be another version of the work with golden bars! πŸ™‚
    (Endless variations! Thanks for the smile it brought to my face!)

  6. Interesting sculputre and interesting thoughts – when you’re in you want out and when your’re out you want in. Synthesis of the mindset of mankind?? I’m lucky though, I’m in but there’s no cage

    • Marriage is an institution – I think the minimal cage is the legal aspects which distinguish it from a relationship with no marriage πŸ™‚

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