Bring Back the Girls!

The world always seem to be in a bit of chaos:

Around 250 girls in a boarding school in Nigeria were kidnapped and nowhere to be found!

The Malaysian airline MH370 seems to have been hijacked with over 200 people on board and no where to be found.

A ferry capsized in  seas of Korea, killing over 250 people including many students.

Mine exploded and killing as many in Turkey.

Such is the world we are living in!DSCF0047

I was reminded of Nigerian girls when I saw the sculptures of the school girls, posing outside their school. They were smiley and chatty!DSCF0016

Two of the girls, in particular, are happily taking to each other.

The sculptures of Ju Ming have again shown this quite vividly.

Ju Ming has reminded us of the lighter and happy side of the world we live in. Let’s smile and enjoy 🙂