The Nile ( from my Hotel Balcony)

Have been longing to see the river Nile in Egypt.

The Nile has been the lifeline of civilization in Egypt since the Stone Age, with most of the population and all of the cities of Egypt resting along those parts of the Nile valley lying north of Aswan. Climate change at the end of the most recent ice age led to the formation of the Sahara desert, possibly as long ago as 3400 BC.My beautiful picture

While visiting Luxor, every morning, after waking up I would go out to the hotel balcony to have a good look at the river.My beautiful picture

The place  is just surreal – with cruise vessels plying up and down the river.

The scene of the feluccas in the blue waters are just amazing.

They are  like paintings – I was in a trance – made me feel like going several back thousands years !


51 thoughts on “The Nile ( from my Hotel Balcony)

  1. HI Michael,
    I must admit that Egypt was an amazing place. The Nile seems to move fairly swiftly. I could just image the baby Moses in his cradle of reeds washing down stream.

  2. These pictures are awesome. I love the mountains in the background behind the river. You had a beautiful view from your balcony. I’d love to see the Nile in person.

  3. 3,400BC? Wow, that seems pretty recent. I had always assumed it was much older than that. Thanks for the interecting factoid! 🙂

  4. Your pictures and commentary are just delightful Michael. Truly you are blessed to be able to see such an amazing place filled with beauty and history.

  5. I really love the photos that you take. Are you currently in Egypt or are most of the photos you post from previous travels??

  6. Really lovely! Your photos just make me want to get up and go! I can’t wait till I can travel the world, in the mean time, I’ll do it vicariously through you. Well done, keep doing what you are doing.

  7. My dear Michael. What did you do before retiring? A banker? 🙂
    You have indeed been covering the planet! 🙂
    Thanks a mil. for all the express trips.
    Have a great week

    • I was a civil engineer. I tried to visit at least one place in a year, albeit a short one. I lost pictures of my many other trips – India, Indonesia, Guam, Saipan etc. Otherwise, I will have more to share!

    • That was a nice purpose for work! 🙂
      Don’t you have old-fashioned prints of your “lost” travels?
      Take care Michael

    • I was happy that the final products of my work are used publicly by many people.
      I do have some 8″ X 12″ prints of some of these lost film / images.

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