Weekly Photo Challenge; Twist (in the Body)

This week’s WPC is Twist.

I am sure we have twisted our bodies many times, especially when we are doing sports.

Here are a couple of photos supplied by my friend C P Chan.

C P likes taking photos of all sorts, especially sports and action photos.

Basketball match

Basketball match

He enjoys himself in the process of taking photos; but not as much in having to file them. So, getting these out of his archive took some work.

The first photo shows students at a basketball match – see how their upper bodies twisted with respect to the lower body.



The second one was taken in a badminton court – see how the various parts of the body deviate from the usual posture.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂



27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Twist (in the Body)

  1. How i would love to get back to twisting my body like these guy, miss my teen days! Thanks the photos make me feel young and wanting to get back to being able to twist my body….. May be a bit!

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