Weekly photo Challenge: Twist (in the Stairway)

We were climbing down the narrow stairway which led to the dungeon in the Spanish Castle of Hvar Island, Croatia.

The place was dark and was artificially lit by some colored lights.DSCF0578A

As we groped down the stairway, I took this photo which shows the winding and narrow stairway; with handrail on one side which cast a strange shadow on the wall.DSCF0578B

The wall on the right hand side was, of course, out of focus.

I find the color somewhat unnatural and therefore turned it into a Black and White image to remove the distraction.

However, this twist in the stairway does give you a sense of heading down into the unknown!


36 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge: Twist (in the Stairway)

  1. Circular stairs provide some weirdness a lot of the time, I think – ESPECIALLY the really old ones … OOOooooooohhh ! [grin]

  2. I absolutely love the black and white one I guess because it seems more “real” to me. the colored one is nice (I don’t know how to do that to my pictures) and takes talent to accomplish, but it takes away from the “reality” of the history to me. Not meant in a bad way, but sorta like a sacrilege to portray a beautiful old castle that way. It reminds me of a castle in Scotland 😀

    • Hi, I didn’t do anything to the color picture. It was a dark stairway illuminated by overhead spot lights – presumably with colors. The thing I still don’t understand is why the color changed to green near the window, was it a reflection of a green light from the other side, I just don’t know. I am still a computer idiot when coming to changing things to images using software!

    • Wow… I’ve seen lights like that in some of the cave tours here, but I had no idea about them being there. Pretty dumb of me.. LOL Perhaps the green was a combination of true light blended with the colored lights. I love the black and white one though…It just stirs my imagination more for some reason!

    • The limestone stalagmites / stalactites cave in China are usually lit by colored lights – in fact, I rather them lit by amber lights only.]

  3. The colored light is very disturbing indeed. Did they want to make you believe a witch was brewing some potion downstairs? It looks much much better in Black and White 🙂

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