22 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist (in the Trees)

  1. The tree that sheds it’s leaves in the fall is like our deciduous trees here in North American. The other tree with the twisting limb looks most interesting.

    • I think it is a very lengthy process, involving the vine supported and crawled on the ground, then attached and came up the other tree etc. This is my pure guess!

  2. I wonder if the flying Dragon’s twist and turns also have something to do with the dappling of the light that is caused by the canopy above? Periods of bright light will cause upturns of the vine and periods of shade will result in down-turns? I’m not very good at botany, this is just a guess. What wonderful pictures, one can image them as a background to a fairy or folk tale.

    • Here is one explanation:
      The vine twines because the cells on one side grow faster than the cells on the opposite side. When the growing tip of the vine touches an obstacle, such as a twig, this stimulates the cells of the vine on the side opposite the twig to grow faster than those next to the twig.

      Just fascinating!

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