Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second (Snow Geese )

This week’s WPC is Split Second.

These photos, which were taken in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada are supplied by my classmate Mr. Chung (who also supplied the stunning image of Huangshan).snow geese 01

The snow geese , with its feet down, is looking for a place to land.snow geese 02

In a split second, it clasped its wing – like the fighter Harriet which can fold its wings – was ready for the landing . . . . . . . . . .  to join the crowd.



50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second (Snow Geese )

    • They must have sharp eyes. The first one is looking at an angle, presumably, the landing spot is still some distance. For the geese on the second photo, they look straight down – that’s where they are to land!

  1. Amazing! I tried to take a picture of some birds, but so far no luck (maybe I should say “no skill” instead) 😉 I can’t believe how sharp the image is. Thanks.

  2. Wow, those are great! I habitually avoid birds because it’s so hard to freeze them in interesting positions, but he did well! I don’t suppose you happen to know what lens & shutter speed he took these at? And to get the focus that precise (the first one especially) with an aperture that demanding…nice work.

    • I tried to glen those data from the image, but have no success. My friend is going back to Canada this week on personal reasons – so I couldn’t ask him for a while.

  3. These are great photos taken by your friend Mr Chung. It’s funny that people think these are your photos when you have acknowledged the photographer at the start. Maybe Mr Chung should enter the photo challenge. Regards

    • The truth is that many people don’t read the text -a reason now that I am writing shorter text.
      Mr. Chung has decided many years ago not to enter into any photo competition/ challenge – he remains firmly so despite my recent encouragement!

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