I Got Requests

It is not unusual that I got requests from readers asking whether they could see certain images in the upcoming posts.

Frankly speaking, I am pleased to do that provided I have those images and I am in a mood to upload them; instead of continuing to do things at my own discretion and pace.DSC_0281

Some recent requests include:

– wanting to see the Black & White version of the “room” in Angkor Wat temple.

– wanting to see the original image of the Hong Kong city skyline during night time without the added blue tint.DSC_0281A

I am including these images and those recently posted ones for comparison purposes.DSCF2048DSCF2048B

As you can see, the B&W showing the room in Angkor Wat is more mysterious and spooky.

It is difficult to say whether the HK night scene is better without the blue tint.

Although, I must say, the blue tint sometimes work better.DSCF2041B

I have another image here¬†with the blue tint, unlike the other one , the¬†background doesn’t have many colored lights – it is just blue or white – it looks even more calm and fantastic!