Temple Street Night Market

Many tourists visiting Hong Kong know that there is a Women’s Market. In fact, there is also a Men’s market.

This is how the market is described in Wikipedia:

The Temple Street Night Market is sometimes known as Men’s Street as it is very popular for men’s fashion. The market starts at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, but is lively at dusk daily. Traffic is closed on the street at that time, and visitors swarm into the street. There are more than a hundred stalls with colourful lights in the market. There are carts bulging with goods from clothing to mobile phones and watches. Stalls have items mainly for men, jeans, t-shirts, pants, lighters, shoes, condoms and men’s accessories. Cheap merchandise is common in the night market. Cheap second hand goods such as cassettes, video tapes, old newspapers, antiques are also sold there. Like in other night markets in South East Asia, prices can always be negotiated by bargaining.IMG_6889

Here is a photo taken by my ex-colleague CP Chan. he has taken the photo from a high level.

From the image, you may be able to see a narrow alley swarmed with people and on either side are the stalls or kiosks.

It is so full of life and colors!