5400 Miles in the USA (Start of a Series)

I will be starting a new series on the blog.

The posts will be based on a trip which my wife has just completed in the States.

In a period of 45  days, she has travelled by road from San Francisco, onward to many National Parks in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

The photos she brought back show great beauty. Although she is not a keen photographer, many of the images she has taken with my crappy compact camera and her iPhone were just too beautiful not to be shared.CIMG4547

Her trip, starting from SF and back to SF has covered 5,400 miles.

The trip included Mono Lake, Yosemite, Death Valley, Lake Powell, the Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Mosiac Canyon, Titus Canyon, Sante Fe, Monument Valley, the Arches , Capital Reef NP, Zion NP etc.

The trip also covered the Pacific Highway, from to LA to SF, where there were lots of beautiful scenery of the coast, the sea and the animals like elephant seals.

The only place in this trip that I have visited is SF. So, while responses from readers on the images are welcome, however, I will unlikely be able to respond to the comments.CIMG4257

Some of her photos contain beautiful sunsets taken in the journey. To start with, I am showing one of her sunset photos and a canyon view.