5400 Miles in the USA (Trees)

Actually, I don’t really know how to start talking about my wife’s journey in the States as it wasn’t my journey.

Looking at her photos, I was impressed by the images of many trees which have withered, may be in the Utah deserts or in the canyon lands and I have a desire to share them.CIMG3997

This is quite a different sight from the local scene when for much of the year the wooded areas are lush. Only in a few months in Winter that some of the trees shed their leaves.CIMG3998

The images of withered trees silhouetted against the skyline interested me. In this post, I will be showing a few of them.CIMG4106

I like the ones that were taken during sunset when the withered trees stood alone against the dimming sky and below the trees was a vast area of rippled sand.

I notice, in the canyons, again, many of the trees are dry and withered too.CIMG4352

Some just lie on the ground, looking like a crawling serpent.CIMG4803

My wife has over 1000 pictures taken with the compact camera and a similar number of pictures taken with her iPhone.CIMG4149

I have to find out how these photos can be downloaded onto my PC so that I can share those beautiful photos too!CIMG4213

I have seen samples of petrified trees before, but not large chunks of petrified wood in nature – this is also something that I would like to show in due course.