Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

This week’s Photo Challenge is Between.

As we walked into this palace in the Baltics, I thought I should take a picture of the entrance.

It would be interesting if I took a picture of the entrance with the palace in between.DSC_0209

However, the direction of the sunlight wasn’t right – I would be photographing against the sun and the image of the palace would come out dark.

So, once entered into the courtyard, I turned myself back and took this photo.

I am glad that the sunlight has revealed some very  fine details of the gate, the columns and the lions mounted on the top.

Instead of the palace, I still have an attractive building between the gates.

As someone who takes travel photos, I well know that the sunlight may change by the second . . . . . .  . . . if we don’t take a picture at the moment, that moment may lost forever . . . . . . . . .  the sun would have moved and we may no longer pass this way!