Nubian Village near Aswan, Egypt

This must be one of the poorest villages I have ever visited.

We travel up and down the Nile in a felucca.

One of our stops was to see a Nubian Village. We landed and saw this village.My beautiful picture

We walked along narrow alleys and watched how people lived.

Whereas many of the Nubian houses are painted in colors, the house we visited were just plain.

The homes were neat, large since several generations share a home. The homes sit on the desert, so the floors are sand, which is free and can be easily changed every few years. The homes are built of mud bricks and have high  ceilings to keep them cool.

Coming from a relatively modern city, we were  taken aback on what we saw.

We realized that the comforts of modern cities are not available everywhere and we should be grateful for what we have.

PS Picture scanned from an old negative taken in year 2000.