5400 Miles in the US (Arches)

This must be one of the best photos my wife has taken recently in her trip to the National Parks in the Southwest of the States.

The photo shows a visitor who has climbed up the orange red color land mass and stopped, looking up at the huge inclined landform above him.CIMG4561

Behind him was the blue sky.

He seemed to be facing a formidable barrier so that he couldn’t hike upwards anymore.

The arch just rose so steeply and at an angle above him.

This image shows a big contrast between the huge and strange shaped landform and the small and fragility of the visitor.



79 thoughts on “5400 Miles in the US (Arches)

  1. Terrific capture in a part of my country that I fell in love at first glance. The Southwest is a majestic tribute to nature, and thankfully we have preserved large sections of it–but never really enough.

  2. Was this in the Windows area? It looks like North or South Window to me. Arches is one of my favorite parks in the southwest since it seems to incorporate the best features of the area…red rocks, deep green foliage, and distant snow-capped peaks. The contrasts here are amazing.

  3. Great photo! was this in Utah? please tell us the places…the are SO MANY national parks in the South West and everywhere !

  4. We had one senset at Arhces some years ago. Much too little time. Must get back. Will your 5400 miles by mainly on the western USA? Any east coast travels planned? We are in New England with family currently. Vacation leaves more time for blogging and catching up on blogs.

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