Weekly Photo Challenge: Between (Walls)

I am running late for this WPC.
After submitting an entry on Between (Columns), I can’t help submitting another one for Between (Walls).

The picture was taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We walked high up the hill with houses, passing many alleys, until we reached this alley.DSCF0974

I like the light pink color of the walls, but this picture has many other interesting features.

You can see plants and flowers hanging out from the houses, blanket hung out for drying, a balcony and what’s more – between the walls is a narrow cobbled footpath.

Above the footpath is a small bridge linking two houses.

The Croatians must love planting very much. On this small bridge, there are green plants and two women who appeared to be doing some gardening.

I was fascinated by narrow alleys and houses in Dubrovnik and couldn’t refrain myself from taking more photos!

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between (Walls)

  1. You find the most interesting scenes to photograph! A good lesson also on perspective from an artist point of view which I’m studying right now. Did you make this a side trip on your own? Tour groups often miss unique out of the way places that make good photos. With your observant eye you would make a good tour guide! ~Liz

  2. I loved this post! The two women in the small bridge and doing gardening is …. awesome! All this place looks cozy. I’m fascinated with the photo as you became fascinated by the place.
    I love your posts, because I can somehow … travel … for that special place that you show so well. 🙂

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