Bas Relief at Angor Wat, Cambodia

Today is one of those days that I don’t really feel like writing.

So this post will be a short one.

This shows their world at war, horses galloping, general and soldiers with weapons charging forward, chariots zooming along at high speed  . . . . . .DSC_0068

This is the only photo I have taken of this relief. I have been asking myself why I only took one photo – at least I should have taken an overview of the whole relief. Why haven’t I done that?

I was most fascinated by the base relief and rock carving at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind at all to revisit the place and trying to see it in a different light and a different angle.

What I am mainly concern is the hot climate, it makes me sweat while exposing to the direct and strong sunlight.

Maybe the winter months would be better. . . . . . . .  maybe, maybe next winter???


Kintai Bridge, Japan ( Three of a Kind)

The bridge, which has three arch central spans, is ranked as the third most beautiful bridge in Japan.

Incidentally, I have several pictures here some how associate the bridge with Three.

Three young ladies posing for photos by the bridge pier.DSCF0305

Three pedestrian crossing the bridge.DSCF0286

Three locals, fishing on the bank (to say nothing of the one who waded out in the water to fish).DSCF0284

Actually, while there, I did not see them being successful in catching any fishes!

But maybe, the real joy is participating in the activity and enjoying the view 🙂

5400 Miles in the USA ( Impression of Grand Canyon 1)

There is no other place on earth like the Grand Canyon.CIMG4817

This is my impression of the Grand Canyon.

This is how it looks like in my dreams!

One day, I would also like to see the canyon filled with fogs too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Where we live, Summer is long, especially so with the global warming.

It seems we only have two seasons, Summer and Winter!

From where I live, it overviews a green slope with many banana and longan tress – a place where animals like monkeys would like to visit.CIMG5609

This morning, I was amazed to see some monkeys coming out for their Summer outing. There is an electric wire stretching from pole to pole.CIMG5599

This is the favorite place where the big and small monkeys would like doing their acrobat. They would like to walk on the wire from one end to the other.CIMG5610

They have a good sense of balance. Sometimes they just dangle off from the wire, playing around with the other small monkeys.CIMG5608

This morning the mother monkey sat on the longan tress for over 10 minutes , eating the longan – the fruit is ripe and sweet at this time of the year.CIMG5600

She just sat there, eating and eating while the smaller monkeys would walk to and fro on the wire.CIMG5601

Performing their acrobatic act, dangle off the wire with one hand and somersault  down onto the trees below.

One photo here shows a baby monkey dangling off the wire, playing around with another baby monkey who offered its hand, gripping on the other’s leg.

So, it is Summer.

A season for playing around and eating for the monkeys!CIMG5603

Well, they never seem to have any worries for not having enough food.

So, it is a season of Summer lovin’ and having fun – monkeys love Summer too!CIMG5604

PS The photos are not particularly sharp, as they were taken with my compact camera which is the only camera I have with a zoom. The movements of the monkey and the vibration of the wire all add to the blur.

Cafes in Japan

We were loitering on the bank of the waterway in Okayama. Japan.
This café looked particularly attractive, with its walls cladded in green leaves.DSCF0359
This instantly reminded me of another café I have come across in Hokkaido.
Again, the walls were covered with vines and leaves.035
Pretty interesting!
Are there any other cafes in other parts of the world which look like these?

The Rain that Shattered the Lotus in Ritsurin Garden, Japan

This post contains 11 photos of beautiful lotus flowers.

We were travelling with the wind.

At the start of our trip, the hurricane Neoguri was ahead of us. We flew over and past the super typhoon.

When we landed at Shikoku, the hurricane has got up with us and was heading further north towards Osaka and Tokyo.CIMG5537

When the hurricane past us by, the weather was unsettled – we had some heavy down pours when we reached the Ritsurin Gardens.CIMG5525

The down pour continued as we walked into the garden. There were still people strolling the gardens while upholding their umbrellas.CIMG5527

I was thinking of taking some beautiful pictures of the lotus. The rain has shattered my dreams – many of the lotus flowers were deformed by the rain.CIMG5529

Many of the flowers have petals pointing downwards to the ground or fallen to the ground – so where have all the good flowers gone?CIMG5530

We could see rain drops trickling down the petals and the stalks.CIMG5533

There was no use of zooming in on the flowers as many of the flowers were not intact.CIMG5535

However, this did not deter me from taking pictures of the flowers – it was a sea of lotus which I have never seen before.CIMG5538

I like the mix of the pink flowers and the green leaves.

The extent of the lotus pads were so extensive that they just filled my lenses.CIMG5528

Yes, we may not have a bright day when flowers bloom and robins sing, but who cares, God has given me  another perspective – a totally different view of the lotus pond, battered lotus which still retained their beautiful colors and together with the buds and the leaves, they were just magnificent.CIMG5531

It was like a sea of flowers.

Who wouldn’t want to have sunny days when everything go smoothly, but I must be grateful that the Lord has allowed me another beautiful day.

The sky did clear up when I walked past the Monet’s Japanese bridge ( only I like to see it that way) and that I did take good photos of the bridge in the garden  which will remain in my mind forever!CIMG5532

Maybe, I will come back another time, another weather!