Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast (in Waterfalls)

This is a last minute entry to this week’s WPC – Contrast.

Here are 5 images of waterfalls taken in various parts of China.042A

These include waterfalls from Jiuzhegou and Yunnan.059A

They have all been converted to Black & White to specially depict the Contrast in waterfalls.DSCF2931A

There is contrast between the running water and the adjacent stationery landforms.DSCF2939A

Usually within a waterfall,  they are make up of a number of big and small falls.DSC_0419

There is a contrast between the powerful waterfalls and the resistance of the nearby rocks.

I don’t think I am able to adequately describe the contrasts in the photos, for this, I will leave you to respond in your comments .


29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast (in Waterfalls)

  1. My Dear Michael, I am just another of those who Love Beauty and Art. But, Truth to say, though I even feel mesmerized at times while looking at Beauty, as with all these photographs here, as far as ‘Art Appreciation’ is concerned, became aware of the points, like the Contrast between the Running Water and the Stationary Rock, the Big and the Small Waterfalls, etc, only after You drew the attention to them. …So, can contribute just my Appreciation to this Your post!

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