Kintai Bridge, Japan (Details)

( There are 5 photos in this post)

In my previous post, I have shown an overview of the footbridge which is ranked the third most beautiful bridge in Japan.

Here, I am going into a bit of details.DSCF0297

There wasn’t sunshine when we were at the bridge site – we were still under the influence of the typhoon Neoguri. The reflections of the bridge in the water prompted me taking this photo.DSCF0303

We bought entrance tickets and walked up and down the bridge to the other end of the bridge. Walking up and down do require quite a bit of effort, here is a close view of the hump in the bridge.DSCF0302

While at the other end, I noted there was a kiosk (guard house) and some pines.  Thought it was a good idea to take photo of the bridge with some pines the image.DSCF0312

I went down to the river bank and have a good look at the underside of the bridge. The whole bridge was of timber construction – the girders, the cross beams and the diagonal bracings etc.DSCF0309A

The water below the bridge was running fast – I imagine that the speed will increase with torrential rain. A lot of armour rocks were laid underneath the bridge to protect the bridge pier and  foundations.

Hope this post is not too technical; I may post more on the aesthetic side of the bridge in due course!


50 thoughts on “Kintai Bridge, Japan (Details)

  1. It is very interesting to see thunder structure of the bridge, Michael. They looks very strong and well built. So picturesque on top!

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