Ritsurin Garden, Japan (Water Lilies)

My previous posts covered Lotus; but the Ritsurin Garden in Shinkoku do have lovely water lilies too.

Unfortunately, the water lilies were not as numerous as the lotus growing in the garden.DSCF0406

Also, they were basically of either white or pink in colors.DSCF0414

Can’t imagine what a Japanese garden will be like if it hasn’t has any water or if the ponds do not have any water lilies or lotus.CIMG5542

One regret is that there were no water lilies growing nearby the Japanese style curve bridge (which was shown in my earlier post as being similar to Monet’s). Otherwise, they are just like the Monet paintings.CIMG5547

As can be seen from the photos, the pines, the rocks, the water and the lilies are essential ingredients in the make up of Japanese gardens.CIMG5543

There are many differences between lotus and lilies but I am not going into the details as they can be easily found in the public domain.CIMG5541

One major and notable difference is that lotus grows and shoots up above water whereas water lilies have flowers and leaves floating in the water.

If you ask me which one is my favorite, I would say both!