Bas Relief at Angkor Wat (The World at War!)

I am never tired of photographing those bas reliefs at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

This relief was too big to be photographed in one shot.

So I have taken two photos, one on the attack side and another on the defense side.DSC_0374

Yet, they don’t provide overlap, so there is no hope of stitching them together!DSC_0375

What a bad job that I have done.

The attackers are more widely spaced, with spears pointing higher up, but they seem do not have shield. The generals are riding on elephants and charging forward.

The defense side seems to have soldiers jam packed together, they seem to be holding some sort of shields. What I cannot understand is that those shields seem to be leg-shaped -or are they really shields?

Similar to the attack side, they are directed by generals on elephants back. They are accompanied by horses too.

Such vivid depiction of their world at war.

Our war is also in conflict, maybe our modern version of war / conflict is a lot more ugly to view.