Huangshan – Sea of Clouds (2)

I immediately appreciate the quality of the image supplied by my friend Mr. Chung Kwok Fan when he sent it to me.

I posted it and, quickly, it becomes the No. 5 “Most Liked” post in my blog!

Within a couple of months., it has garnered 400+ Likes.

I have written 500+ posts but the view of Huangshan with clouds far outpaced my other (11)

Here is another photo which Mr. Chung supplied me earlier.

I don’t think it needs any more elaboration, it just left me wordless!

Hope you like it also 🙂


30 thoughts on “Huangshan – Sea of Clouds (2)

  1. These images are the very essence of the word “mystical”…

    I’ve wanted to see Huangshan in person ever since I started learning Chinese over 20 years ago (eek!), so thank you and Mr. Chung for reminding me of my determination to get there some day!

  2. While I know that China is a vast country with an incredible diversity of landscapes and biomes, you photographed a scene which to many of us is quintessential Chinese wilderness. It is simply breathtaking!

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