Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag (Great Wall)

Snakes zigzag across the desert, rivers zigzag across the flood plain and the Great Wall snakes across mountains!

Our trip to the Mutinyu part of the Great Wall in China a couple of years back during the fall was just memorable.DSCF2695B

In front of us was the historical great Wall which gallops up and down the mountains, snakes across the terrain on the mountain ridges.DSCF2654A

There are endless miles of walls in front and behind you. basically, you can hike / walk as long as you wish.DSCF2652A

It zigzags across the terrain like a snake, commanding the high points so that there is good visibility to the enemies and maintaining good defense.

Although not really visible from spaceships, they are clearly one of the biggest engineering feats of the world!