The Melting Heat of Summer, Hiroshima

It was terribly hot while we were strolling the Peace Memorial Garden in Hiroshima, Japan.

The sun’s radiation just come directly on us.

There was no place to hide.

All we can do was to walk over to the fountain, in the hope that the water will cool us down, at least a little bit.DSCF0270

I took this photo. The water was gushing up and the buildings behind seemed melting down.

Was this not the feeling some 69 years ago when the first atomic bomb – the Little Fat Boy was dropped at the same place.

Buildings and people in the vicinity of the bomb site just melted; some 70,000 people perished immediately.DSCF0271

Not far from the fountain is this statute showing a woman trying to protect her children from the atomic storm – one in her arm and one clinging behind her.

This clearly shows the great love exhibited by all mothers in the world- to protect their children from all dangers even this means sacrificing themselves.

I never, for one minute, doubt that the Japanese people love peace. They see themselves as the only race harmed by nuclear bomb. They feel very sorrowful about it.

But Japanese are very obedient and follow whatever their country leaders required them to do. During WWII when Hong Kong was invaded by Japanese, a Japanese officer explained to my mom, who was still a young girl at the time, that they didn’t want to invade – they were just following the order of their Heavenly King!

Japanese feel sorrowful about the deaths in their own country in WWII but have never said sorry to the any countries invaded by them in the war or pay any damages. Neither have they admitted to any wrong doings. Even now, they are denying the history of “comfort women” and play down the massacres in China, especially those in Nanjing.

Just yesterday their Prime minster Abe looked sorrowful in the ceremony on the 69th anniversary of the nuclear bomb explosion in Hiroshima, but he has recently just opened the Pandora Box – he is empowering the Japanese army so that he is able to send them overseas to combat under the new Constitution – in spite of objections from their fellow countrymen. Make war for peace???