Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Ta Promh)


This week ‘s WPC challenge is Texture.

Texture has come up many times in the past challenges and I have almost run out of photos which best show texture.DSC_0289

To refresh myself on the meaning of texture, I looked up Wikipedia and got the following:

The word texture means: what things are made of and how they feel. Textures can be described as “rough”, “smooth”, “hard”, “soft”, “liquid”, “solid”, “lumpy”, “gritty” etc. The word “texture” is used for many different things. It can even be used in abstract senses, e.g. for music and poetry.

Here is a picture of my favorite destination – Angkor Wat.

The picture shows different texture of the wall, tree, pavement, rock carving.

The texture on the ruins are just incredible!




29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Ta Promh)

  1. You are so right. This is an excellent example of texture. By the way, you could probably show us some of your former entries, and we would be delighted to see them again! You’re a true photographer!

  2. So sorry I’ve been away so long! I’ve missed your posts & your extraordinary photographs. This is a beautiful example of texture and, as usual, a superb composition! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos. Probably dont look up enough but noticed the rooves of some older houses near us after it had been raining and then the sun had come out – the detail of uneven tiles glistening in the sun was magical

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