Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (South Korea)

This is what I saw when I reached the top of a mountain in South Korea last Autumn.

These mountains have the shape of the ears of a horse and in Chinese, they are called the Horse Ear Mountains.

We made our way to the top and saw this Guanyin statue. In fact, I was more impressed by the texture and contrast in colors.DSCF3300

The exposed slopes was rugged, but the lower half of the picture was covered with a red colored vine.

Where one color / texture transitions into another, there stood Guanyin (of a smoother texture) with a gesture of Peace in her hands.

So, this is my second submission on the theme of Texture.

Please enjoy!



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (South Korea)

  1. Wonderful textures! I love the contrasts – between the roughness of the mountainside and the smoothness of the leaves and the statue, also between the natural and man-made textures. The vine is a glorious colour – people often grow a similar one against their homes here in the UK as the leaves turn a beautiful colour in Autumn.

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