Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Hokkaido)

Some readers like reading only the first photo in my post without actually going into it..

You are recommended to peruse both pictures in this post.

Basically, we didn’t know what we were heading when we approached this hot spring area in Hokkaido.014

We were walking up a slope which  was filled with sulphur and other deposits on the ground.

The sun was setting. Gas and smoke were coming up from the ground.

Looking at the picture, we were like soldiers in a combat charging up a slope and there was smoke coming up from the battlefield!020

But the truth was we were in an area of extreme beauty with colors not only from the Autumn foliage but also terrain covered in an ash of sulphur.

The view was astonishing – it was full of texture too. I thought I was walking on alien grounds!

This is also like a Palette of Colors in the Southwest of the States which I have posted recently.