Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Hokkaido)

Some readers like reading only the first photo in my post without actually going into it..

You are recommended to peruse both pictures in this post.

Basically, we didn’t know what we were heading when we approached this hot spring area in Hokkaido.014

We were walking up a slope which  was filled with sulphur and other deposits on the ground.

The sun was setting. Gas and smoke were coming up from the ground.

Looking at the picture, we were like soldiers in a combat charging up a slope and there was smoke coming up from the battlefield!020

But the truth was we were in an area of extreme beauty with colors not only from the Autumn foliage but also terrain covered in an ash of sulphur.

The view was astonishing – it was full of texture too. I thought I was walking on alien grounds!

This is also like a Palette of Colors in the Southwest of the States which I have posted recently.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Hokkaido)

  1. I like the pictures very much especially with you writing how you felt like soldiers in a smoke filled battle ground. All the lush green and in the foreground is some scary looking ash, smoke and possibly sulpher? Thank you for sharing this.

  2. It’s beautiful in the way I’ve only seen once, at the sulphur springs in St Lucia, but we were not allowed to walk on the sulphur itself. We had to walk on a bridge above the smoke and the sulphur springs. This area also looks somewhat bigger. Nice photos!!

  3. Michael, your pictures inspire me to visit Japan ASAP! When my friend, who is scientist in the USA at this time, returns to Japan, I give it a go and I will ask you where to go as well, if this is OK for you 🙂 Keep on going, posting all these beautiful impressions, it is great!

    • Sure, you can ask me and you are also invited to glance through my posts under the Category of Travel Japan to have an idea as to where you would like to go. Regards, Michael

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