Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Koh Samui)

I know time is running out for this weekly challenge, so I am putting in another submission.

Very early in the morning, I sneaked out from the seaside hotel with my wife still sleeping.DSC_0592

The sun has barely risen. Light rays were coming in at a very low angle.

On the Koh Samui beach, not a soul was in sight.

I took this photo of the water which seemed to be having a very interesting texture.

The ripples from the waves were something which I have never seen before!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (Koh Samui)

  1. Normally I think of texture being a trait associated with things that have more substance than water — cloth, volcanic rock, foods of all kinds. Your photo, however, illustrates that water does indeed have texture. Nicely done, Michael.

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