Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette ( Langakwi)

This image is one which I always remember.

We arrived at this restaurant which is attached to one of the hotels by the seaside in Langakwi.DSC_0224

The sun was setting, we decided to have dinner here – which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable dinners we ever had.

It wasn’t the food but the ambience / mood of the setting sun and the silhouette of the trees were just enticing.

The sun sent in its last golden rays of light, touching smoothly and softly  on whatever they found on their way – the leaves on the tropical trees and the grass especially.

We sat there taking in the whole scenery, as the gentle breeze caressed our faces. Our ears were full of the murmuring sound of the sea waves as they approached the beach.

Just another day in paradise!