Footbridge at Ritsurin Garden, Japan

I have taken five or six photos of this Japanese footbridge at the Ritsurin garden in Shinkoku, Japan.

Except for one of the photos, all photos have some visitors on the footbridge; this is not something I want.

I waited for a long while to get my only photo without any people on it; that photo was published recently under the post “Monet’s Japanese Footbridge?”.CIMG5553

Originally, this photo has one man standing at the top of the arch bridge, he also has one hand holding an umbrella against the bridge deck.

With a computer software, using the “Clone and Heal” function, I have successfully removed the man from the image!

For readers with  sharp eyes, you may be able to see a dark blue umbrella freely standing on its own near to the top of the footbridge.

Is this magical!CIMG5553

For comparison, the original photo is attached.