Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue ( Towel Museum)

The picture was taken in the Towel Museum, Imabari, on one of my recent trips to Japan.

For those who have not been to this Tower Museum, I append below an introduction from this Museum:

There probably aren’t many towel museums around the world, so if you want to visit one before you die, you had better come to Imabari, Ehime. Here there’s a towel museum of unparalleled size and splendor. The reason for having a towel museum is that Imabari has a long history of producing towels, but competition overseas has meant that ‘just towels’ are a difficult sell. Ehime is responding by bringing a new design sensibility and quality with the aim of differentiating its towel products. So the museum represents something of a challenge to the rest of the towel-producing world.CIMG5486

They have a variety of exhibits showing how towels can be used in daily life and they have a shop too.

This is one of their exhibits – I am sure they are having a wonderful time and a leisurely dialogue over the dining table!