Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure (Eye to Eye)

<This post contain 7 photos>

This week’s challenge is Adventure.DSCF3002

My sister-law- law should be the one who present her photos here after having been to an adventure in Botswana and nearby countries.DSCF2526

People who like to adventure may not necessary like to write and, of course, vice versa.DSCF2460

Here are some photos which will give you some idea of real adventures when you meet these animals eye to eye in a natural environment.DSCF1959

These wild animals and their eyes may just make you shiver.DSCF1476

I am glad that I didn’t take these pictures.DSCF0305

But equally, I feel that I have lost the opportunities to be in close proximity to these interesting animals.DSCF0909

Anyway, my thanks to all the images provided by Jennie!

60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure (Eye to Eye)

  1. You and Jennie do gorgeous work. I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to look at all your wonderful posts. Thank you for sharing all of it in this eye-blindingly beautiful blog.

  2. Wow!!! I love going and seeing animals in their natural habitat but I’ve never been able to physically go because no one else likes the outdoors…. soon I’ll just go alone and take lots of pictures…

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