Ships that Pass in the Night

My previous post on Ships in the Night

was well received.

Readers seem to like both the photo and the text.4918905805_fb1581d9c7_o

Here is another one – photo taken by my friend CP Chan in the Victoria Harbor.

The words are from the lyrics of “Ships that Pass in the Night” by Barry Manilow:

We’re two ships that pass in the night
We both smile and we say, It’s alright
We’re still here, it’s just that we’re out of sight
Like those ships that pass in the night

Hope you like it!

21 thoughts on “Ships that Pass in the Night

  1. It’s a very lovely picture and lovelier are the words … How true, sometimes you might just be all alone but the sight or presence of just one another person gives the assurance that it’s all right

  2. Pisces floats by my lounge window every evening only to return around 7.20 the next morning. You don’t realise how small she is until one of her sister ships like Aquarius floats silently past returning from some exotic Asian location. We’re so blessed to live on such an amazing and vibrant harbour.

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