Babies – Humanity

Here are two images of babies with a lot of contrasts between them.

The first one was taken in Japan.CIMG5506

I seldom take pictures of pictures. However, I have taken this from a photo by the side of a photo shop in Shinkoku, Japan.

I was attracted by the expression on his face and the seemingly large head when compared with his body.DSCF0731

The second photo was taken by Jennie, my sister-in-law, in Botswana.

It is the image of a baby girl of the Bushman tribe – an image I have shown before.

There is so much contrast between the two – one with white skin, eye almost closed, well dressed while the other is almost naked (apart from the necklace), dark skin, large and hopeful eye. They are of course from different parts of the world and so far apart.

To me, one represents joy while the other represents hope – and we need them both, as they are the Future of Humanity!

81 thoughts on “Babies – Humanity

  1. Michael, this is beautiful. I remember the photo of that stunning girl from Botswana. You couldn’t have chosen better for this theme. I agree with your message.

  2. I could feel a deep meaning. They are both very good shot no doubt about it. The outdooring nature of african life. And the challenge of day to day life expressed by the Bostwana boy is clear while the Japanese boy feeling is like come what may, am secured.

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