The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft

I am thrilled to start on a new series.

It is about a dog that lives on the floating rafts where fishes are maricultured and where visitors can visit and stop by for fishing.

The dog is a Labrador named Dor Dor.293112858_1ccf99d353_z

My friend CP Chan would go out fishing on these rafts, stay there for a few hours until the sun sets. While waiting for fishes to take his bait, he would take pictures of the dog and the surrounding.

The attached photo is the first one I posted to give you a general idea of how life is like for Dor Dor and the environs. Basically, Dor Dor is surrounded by water.

Dor Dor is so cute and likeable.

I am glad that I found him!