The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft (An Apple a Day)

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Dor Dor likes apples.

Understand apples are a nice treat for dogs with many good ingredients including fiber.

Dor Dor likes playing around with apples too, treating it almost like a ball.3233500419_1d67c812e5_b

This picture caught Dor Dor looking anxiously at the apple.

The apple was a bit out of his reach.

Like a child, he was not able to reach for the thing he wants, could only look at it from a distance!

Background is a hill, a boat and the sea.

His owner, of course, gives him an apple, at least one a day. The second pictures shows Dor Dor start nibbling at the apple.



It appears that many readers have asked many questions about Dor Dor.

Please be patient many of the answers are in the upcoming posts!