The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft (A Shower a Day)

A shower a day, keeps the heat away!

Here is a photo taken by my friend CP.

Dor Dor is having a shower, he has one of his eyes shut to prevent ingress of water, otherwise he was thoroughly enjoying it.436426663_e541ab886b_o

Dor Dor’s owner,Β  a woman, was giving him a shower.

She belongs to the Tanka people – people who catch fishes in Hong Kong for a living. With fish resource now dwindled, some of them resort to rearing fishes in the sea.

Her traditional straw hat keeps out the sun, she was wearing a colorful shirt and has Crocs on for her shoes.

In the picture, you can also seeΒ  how those mariculture rafts are assembled – basically inexpensively from plastic water tanks on the peripheral and with fish nets in the interior.

Hope this picture helps you to understand the condition under which Dor Dor lives!


39 thoughts on “The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft (A Shower a Day)

  1. Interesting! More sophisticated than some fish farms I saw in the Philippines. A guard dog is good for keeping thieves away than to have human guards during daylight hours.

  2. What a successful series! So, the owner is the boat woman….too early to reveal the identity of the owner. When I saw the first picture of Dor Dor, I did imagine his owner must be a rich guy rearing Dor Dor on a beautiful yacht (you called it a raft, but it could be a figure of speech), with very artistic taste (because the photo was a real art piece). The dream is broken! ha ha so much fun writing the story….

    • Hi, doesn’t matter! I still have many interesting photos of Dor Dor to upload, accompanying with my text. Your Market and the WPC : Endurance have rendered me made a digression. I will be back on Dor Dor tomorrow!

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