Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

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This week’s Photo Challenge is Endurance.

Looking up the dictionary, endurance means:

: the ability to do something difficult for a long time

: the ability to deal with pain or suffering that continues for a long time

: the quality of continuing for a long time

The challenger shows a Maya building that has endured the environment for a long time.

In my view, it shouldn’t be that difficult to show structures that lasted for thousands of years, the Great Wall of China and the Saqqara pyramids of Egypt are classic examples.

Humanity was the subject of last week’s challenge.

It think it is a bigger challenge to show Endurance as a human quality.DSCF0012

With that in mind, I am showing two sculptures of Ju Ming.DSCF0036

Both shows a man in waiting.

But they have different postures.

They are enduring the passage of time – as many of us here are, waiting, while time just tickling away (instead of cherishing every minute of it) !

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