Travel Theme : Market

My blogger friend friendlytm has initiated a new theme : Market 

She has shown three markets with an assortment of beautiful photos for each market.

While I like to take picture of markets when I travel, I don’t think I have enough interesting photos to show.

Here is one photo taken by my friend CP. I was very much intrigued by the photo when I first saw it.IMG_7391

The photo shows salted fishes hanging up for sale, there are Chinese signs indicating the prices and  a partial view of a Chinese woman vendor.

What is more interesting is a South Asia woman in her traditional dress walking in front of the store.

This makes you wonder where on earth was this photo taken!

The truth is that the picture was taken in an open market in the streets of Hong Kong, the woman just walked by after shopping.

What an interesting composition!

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Market

  1. ha ha…I was going to say that …salted fish…? May I know where is this market? Indeed you should go to the market in HK to take some pictures. i wonder how the markets are now? Please help me by taking some current pictures…and post them.

  2. Love this market picture. What seems ordinary to you is indeed interesting for us around the world to see for its differences and unique qualities. Never hesitate to post the ordinary. It’s extraordinary for your readers to see!

    • Hi Rusha, as I have posted quite a few posts now and have received quite a number of response, perhaps I can guess what is likeable or most likeable, but no two photos / cultures are the same, so I will just post photos which I like and those which I think readers will like.
      Regards, Michael

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