The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft ( Reflection)

<This post contains 2 photos>

Dor Dor is photogenic, he knows how to pose for pictures. I will show more on this aspect in due course.

Here is a picture of him  reflected in the sun glasses.796148996_fceb636e81_z

He just looks gorgeous!293112872_5c12a97ba5_z

Another image captured by CP was Dor Dor in deep reflection. I guess dogs sometime do think. This is how he looks when thinking.

Sometimes, he looks more like a philosopher.

73 thoughts on “The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft ( Reflection)

  1. I’m sure dogs think and are extremely philosophical, how else could they stand us? They must make all kinds of excuses for our behavior. I think most animals are more intelligent than we are. They don’t to to war because one pack believes something they don’t, they don’t take more than they need and they destroy the place they live. As I said, I don’t know how they can stand living with us. It must be because of their loving and forgiving hearts because we certainly torture and kill enough animals to make they all despise us. Dor Dor is truly beautiful and I hope angels watch over him and wrap their wings around him everyday to keep him safe and let him know he is loved.

  2. There is an old dog owned by a neighbor in our condo. His name is Taylor, he likes to be walked and that’s when I often meet him. I think he is a thinker, he likes to stop and his eyes will look far…. Even when I call him “Taylor, good afternoon. Hey, buddy….” he will not look. After a while, he will look at me, blink his eyes then walk again. I love dogs, I wanna have one or two some day….

  3. Jennifer sent me 🙂 Of course, I adore these pictures. I also own a Labrador Retriever — a dark chocolate one — and I forever marvel at all the facial expressions she has. Labs are hugely intelligent, characterful, loving and … um, helpful!

  4. I love the one of his reflection in the sun glasses — so crisp and clear. I often wonder what dogs “think” about. They do seem to have special abilities to bond with people.

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