Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance ( Coastal Buildings)

How many years can a mountain exist

before it is washed to the sea?

These are the familiar lyrics from Peter, Paul and Mary’s Blowing in the Wind.

How many years these coastal buildings endure?4998141539_63c772c3af_b

Here are some 3 photos taken by CP, they show buildings in Hong Kong built near to the sea – buildings subject to the natural environment – wind, waves and accelerated corrosion due to the proximity of sea water.2740081575_a5ebb63da1_o

Heaven knows when and how big are the coming wind and waves – we are in a world subject to super typhoon and wind driven waves and surges.4998142925_44d2d576de_b

Maybe, tomorrow will come a 1 in 200 years typhoon and waves will shoot up the air, maybe, just maybe . . . . . . .

But right now the people in these coastal houses are enjoying their sea view, enduring the inconvenience of transportation etc.

So, how many years can these buildings exist?

The answer is blowing in the wind, my friend, the answer is blowing in the wind  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance ( Coastal Buildings)

  1. That’s a great folk song. These are very interesting photos. I love the different color schemes in each of the them. This captures the Endurance theme really well. Great work!

  2. Where are these structures located…?
    Good interpretation. Very poetic use of “blowing in the wind”! If you compare these recent posts to your early ones, do you notice that you have changed? ..that you have not only used photos to reflect your feelings but with words as well? I like this change because words have made these pictures more colorful! Good job!

    ( you know I am a non art critic, trying to act like an art critic! )

    • Hi Denise, my previous posts were more narrative. For these posts using other people’s photos, I need to contribute more and not just showing the photos. I am glad that you like the words too !

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