The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Asleep

Have you ever watched closely how your pet sleeps?

Here is an image showing Dor Dor in his sleep  . . . . . . . . .  with a toy on his side.

Is he being possessive, trying to have the toy around even in his sleep?2735597662_c5553e375f_z

Does he need emotional stability even in his sleep?

Does he want to have toys even in his dreams?

He seems to be sleeping happily.

I may sure that he is dreaming happily too 🙂

36 thoughts on “The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Asleep

  1. Hi Michael, you’re really enjoying Dor Dor, like many of us are, too! My dogs would snore, shake and sometimes whimper in their dream state, and even fart (had to add that one)! They nap and sleep like humans, but are alert to outside sounds and movements. One of our dogs was a better watch dog than the other. . . lots of stories about them. . .

  2. I love Dor Dor with his toy. My Hurley Dog never does anything including sleep without his “Panda”, in fact they travelled from Australia to Turkey together. He loves his Panda and I can see Dor Dor must love his buzzy bear too!

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