Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime ( Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split )

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If I have to hand pick a few night time  photos from my trip to Croatia, these are the three photos.DSCF0778A

What a lovely view, with the iconic fortress, the seawalls and the vessels in the harbor, all lit up but still very tranquil and bewitching!DSCF0663A

The night view on the Hvar island is just enchanting. The lights from the houses which rise up from the shore in terraces up the hills in the background, not to mention the boats and reflections in the harbor.DSCF0404A

Split was lit up on this festival day of their city. The blue color of the church and adjacent buildings were the center of the night activities during that night of celebration. Perhaps, you may see some rays of fireworks too. Again, the harbor lights were just lovely.

These are my night impressions of the seaside of Croatia by night.

Please enjoy đŸ™‚