The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft (An Apple a Day)

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Dor Dor likes apples.

Understand apples are a nice treat for dogs with many good ingredients including fiber.

Dor Dor likes playing around with apples too, treating it almost like a ball.3233500419_1d67c812e5_b

This picture caught Dor Dor looking anxiously at the apple.

The apple was a bit out of his reach.

Like a child, he was not able to reach for the thing he wants, could only look at it from a distance!

Background is a hill, a boat and the sea.

His owner, of course, gives him an apple, at least one a day. The second pictures shows Dor Dor start nibbling at the apple.



It appears that many readers have asked many questions about Dor Dor.

Please be patient many of the answers are in the upcoming posts!

The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft (Sunset)

My friend CP spent many hours on the raft, doing nothing, just fishing.

When the sun came down, he was rewarded.4081373997_368ef73960_o

He has many fishes, but more importantly, there was a beautiful sunset before his very eyes.

The dog, Dor Dor, was however, not totally impressed.

He just lied down on the raft resting.

He has seen so many sunsets before!

The Dog that lives on the Fishing Raft

I am thrilled to start on a new series.

It is about a dog that lives on the floating rafts where fishes are maricultured and where visitors can visit and stop by for fishing.

The dog is a Labrador named Dor Dor.293112858_1ccf99d353_z

My friend CP Chan would go out fishing on these rafts, stay there for a few hours until the sun sets. While waiting for fishes to take his bait, he would take pictures of the dog and the surrounding.

The attached photo is the first one I posted to give you a general idea of how life is like for Dor Dor and the environs. Basically, Dor Dor is surrounded by water.

Dor Dor is so cute and likeable.

I am glad that I found him!


Travel Theme: Merchandise

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In our travels, we always come across merchandise displayed in shop windows.

I like window shopping- different cultures have their way of displaying merchandise.

The way merchandise are displayed in Japan is quite interesting and unique.

The shops are full of colors and vibrancy which are unique to their culture.

The following images were all taken in Shinkoku, Japan.CIMG5497

The first image is taken at the Towel Museum, the colors are just interesting.DSCF0291

Near to the Kintai bridge is this small shop which sells ice cream with 100 flavors – 100 flavors is their selling point – and there was a long queue of visitors waiting to buy.DSCF0365

Pottery shop alongside a waterway in Shinkoku.CIMG5575

Traditional lanterns displayed in the window shop.CIMG5583

Never saw an optical shop in such attractive colors – on first sight, I thought it was for something else.CIMG5587

Bags! These are what ladies are looking for.CIMG5579

Umbrellas – it is good that they still have specialty shops for umbrellas and fabric. Where I am based, all umbrella shops are closed because of the high shop rental and that umbrellas are now available at such a competitive price.

The world of merchandise is just a world of colors on display!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

I am afraid of submitting an entry for this week’s challenge: Humanity, as I don’t think I actually know its meaning.

Looking up the Wikipedia, Humanity means:

The virtue, humanity, is a set of strengths focused on “tending and befriending others.” The three strengths associated with humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence. Humanity differs from justice in that there is a level of altruism towards individuals included in humanity more so than the fairness found in justice. That is, humanity, and the acts of love, altruism, and social intelligence are typically person to person strengths while fairness is generally expanded to all.

I have seen many entries with a bunch of people, spectators in the stadium, people on the street etc.DSCF0020

I am at a lost to reconcile that these represent humanity.

I know what this is not about – humanity is not just a bunch of people (as in my picture on Ju Ming’s sculpture).

Babies – Humanity

Here are two images of babies with a lot of contrasts between them.

The first one was taken in Japan.CIMG5506

I seldom take pictures of pictures. However, I have taken this from a photo by the side of a photo shop in Shinkoku, Japan.

I was attracted by the expression on his face and the seemingly large head when compared with his body.DSCF0731

The second photo was taken by Jennie, my sister-in-law, in Botswana.

It is the image of a baby girl of the Bushman tribe – an image I have shown before.

There is so much contrast between the two – one with white skin, eye almost closed, well dressed while the other is almost naked (apart from the necklace), dark skin, large and hopeful eye. They are of course from different parts of the world and so far apart.

To me, one represents joy while the other represents hope – and we need them both, as they are the Future of Humanity!

Huangshan – Sea of Clouds (4)

Many readers like the series on Huangshan, especially with the clouds partially covering the mountains. They seem floating below your feet.

The scenes look surreal,  resembling Chinese paintings will tall mountains and 2

But still, as I have not visited Huangshan, I have to rely on photos taken by my friend Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

Actually, you have to be there at the right time to see the sea of clouds.

All I have left is this last photo of Mr. Chung  showing Huangshan with some pines floating down in the foreground.

Hope you enjoy it!