Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime ( Luxor, Egypt)

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My mind was filled with images of giant ancient columns, ancient Egyptian inscriptions, colossal statutes and mummies during my travels in Egypt over 13 years ago.

The night views at Luxor were fantastical too.

We gathered at this square overlooking the many giant columns in front of us.My beautiful picture

Night has just set in and the lights for illuminating the columns were just switched on.

Nobody in the square seem like leaving, they were all taken in awe with the sight of columns in front.

I thought it was a good moment to take this photo.

I continued to stay on until the place was completely dark.My beautiful picture

Giant columns have always interested me, here is another image showing light illuminated columns which have dwarfed those passing by.

These images were taken hand held with film cameras and were scanned a year ago.

Please enjoy 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime ( Sleepless in West Lake, China)

I was expecting that West Lake would go almost completely dark at night.

I was not surprised that West Lake in fact shows its peace and serenity when most of the banks are deserted.

In the night West Lake returns to her innocence from the day’s pomp and shows her peace, elegance and romance.DSCF6331

There are still people walking the banks and cyclists riding in the dark.

I wasn’t ready to take photos of the night scene of West Lake, so here is my only photo which shows the busier part of the West Lake with a tower (spire) in the distant background.

Hope you feel the peace too!