The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Art Gallery

I was utterly surprised to see this image of Dor Dor in the art gallery.

Here is a giant photo hung in an art gallery. A couple of ladies are  standing in front of his photo, engrossed with viewing his photo.452143302_947e64ebe7_o

I was at a lost to know how Dor Dor has made it to the art gallery!

As with previous, the photos of Dor Dor came from my friend CP Chan.

So contacted CP to find out more.

According to him, this is a composite photo which he has made up!

He must have very good skills in piecing them together.

Well done!

29 thoughts on “The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Art Gallery

  1. I had missed lots of blogging while traveling these days. My sister who is also your follower told me about this post. What a pleasant surprise! I am interested to know which art gallery is that? It must be somewhere in the Cloud! I think I already knew that DOR Dor will become famous one day!

    • Hi, understand from my friend that this is a composite picture. All he needed to do is to upload Dor Dor’s photo onto a frame! Glad to know that your sister is also a follower, please say hi to her! Safe travels and longing to see your posts when you are back 🙂

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