Weekly Photo Challenge: (Neon) Sign

This is something unique in Hong Kong.

Neon signs everywhere jutting out onto the streets.

Different colors, designs, some vertical, some horizontal, some straight, some curved – all bright and lit up during the night.2667919810_dce8d9b353_oA

Most of them are written in Chinese – only readable by those who know the language.

Neon signs used to be associated with vibrancy. Of course, we are a vibrant city – a city that never sleeps!

PS Photo the courtesy of my friend CP Chan.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Neon) Sign

  1. The magic is that, at night, they appear to hang suspended in mid-air. (The other magic, for those of us who cannot read Chinese, is that we see instead pure design, with no intervening commercial message.)

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