Sunset over Langkawi (Original & Processed)

Here are two images from Langkawi, Malaysia.

The first one has been processed to become a sepia with a warm yellow tone.DSC_0376A

The second one is the original picture.DSC_0376

Both convey the tranquility of the place.

I am sure, however, that readers may prefer one over the other.

Please enjoy šŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “Sunset over Langkawi (Original & Processed)

  1. Both have a very different feel to them: the second one, original and as seen, is colourful and warm and has a serenity to it that’s inviting; the processed image seems to me to be quite melancholy, as if something about the monochrome, the pall of the yellow, suggests isolation. Both are successful images, therefore, depending on what it is you wish to convey and isn’t it interesting how much colour alone guides our response to an image?

  2. I love the natural colours of the sunset but I also like the way you have played with the tones in the sepia version. I have been trying my hand at something similar recently – I think it is really interesting and fun to create monochromes of an image šŸ™‚

  3. Serene… both, the top pix with its monotone sort of effect; and the other tranquil – reflecting the glorious location, contrasting colors, and above all, sunlight silently splashing around, playing mischief in calm waters. Your pix are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. šŸ™‚

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